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Jazz Hourly Internet Packages 3G/4G

Jazz Hourly Internet Packages can be use for 1 hour. If you are a worker and you can free for 1 hour and want to use internet in this one hour. Then you may like to subscribe Jazz Hourly Internet Packages.

Jazz Hourly Internet package is included in the list of Jazz Internet Packages. In this net package you can do stream on youtube and other social platforms. And also you can easily do downloading.

Jazz Hourly Internet Packages

Jazz Hourly Internet Packages

Jazz Hourly Internet packages are very low rate net packages and can be use for using internet for some time like on hour. In the one hour, Customers of jazz can enjoy the internet with fantastic speed of jazz.

Jazz internet packages are providing the internet in some list like hourly, weekly and monthly. You can subscribe jazz hourly net packages by the following detail.

Package Name: Internet Hour Extreme

Volume: 2000 MBS

Validity: 2 Hours

Subscribing Method; To activate please dial *117*24*2#

The price: Rs. 20.32

Terms And Conditions

  • The explained Price is without tax, With Tax it can be Rs.23 Rupees.
  • Dial *117*24*2# for checking your activated package’s MBS.
  • And after the 2 hours the package will unsubscribe automatically.
  • The current package will not subscribe automatically.

More About Hourly Package

In this hourly package you can get 2000 MBS For 1 hour. In one hour you can download anything you want. Because you have 2000 MBS just for 1 hour. If you looking the package for uploading. Then must have to try.

Because the offer is providing 2000 MBS For 1 hour. I think 2000 MBS is Higher for 1 hour. You can upload your videos for 1 hour like on Youtube and other big platforms.

Last Words

The package is providing 2000 MBS for 1 hour. It could be higher for downloaders and they can check out news feed. And also can watch the videos after subscribing the offer.