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Detail about boi net banking app

Bank of india provides various types of services to its customers. E-services or internet banking is one of the best services to its customers. It has BOI net banking so that its customers get easy access to their accounts.

There are almost six types of mobile applications of Bank of India. These are BOI Mobile, BOI Credit Control, BOI Card Shield, BHIM BOI UPI, BOI Billpay and BOI BHIM Aadhar. Want to get apk? just visit

These have their own features but BOI mobile is one of the best and official banking apps which is available on google play store for android users and Apple app store for iphone users.

Features of Apps :

  •     BOI Mobile provides services like checking account balance and account statements. You can also transfer funds through using NEFT, RTGS and IMPS. It has a feature of location which is used to locate nearby banks. It also set most used transactions as favourite transactions.
  •     BOI Billpay provides services for utility bill payments. You can make payments for minimum or cut off amounts as well. You can make payments at your own well.
  •     BOI card shields make access to card control. It can switch cards on and off. You can set card limits. You can make payment transactions and also enable and disable transactions.
  •     BOI credit control manages credit cards transactions alerts. It can block and unblock transactions. You can set credit card limits also and analyse your spendings.
  •     BHIM BOI UPI has unique benefits. It links beneficiaries and also checks account balance. It also used to transfer funds and make payments.