Civil ID Status Check Online ( 2021)

The importance of civil id is very high. If you don’t have a civil ID in it, you can’t travel anywhere and you can’t work. First of all you don’t have to create your own Civil ID. The process is very easy for us and we will tell you in full detail what documents should be required to create a civil ID and how much you have to pay. You will have to pay and after some time your civil ID will be complete in some days. Important point in Dubai to Check Emirates ID Status now its very important if Your ID expire heavy fine on you.

What Documents require for Civil ID?

Passport: You must have a valid passport before you can apply a civil ID. If you have expired it has expired, so you must first renew it and then apply for a Kuwait civil id
In addition, it should be a photocopy of the passport. There should be a clear photo of the front site and the back side. Apart from the personal details, it should also be a residence stamp.
You must be over 16 years of age and have fingerprinting.
If you are born in Kuwait and want to apply for civil id, you have original date of birth certificate
If you are born in Kuwait and want to apply for CLED, you have
Your full address where you live should be an agreement if you live in a rented
If you have come to Kuwait on a visa, what is the date of your friend? All documents must be signed by him. This has become very important, especially for those who are in Kuwait. Are bathed and applying for Civil ID.

How to Check Civil ID Status?

Knowing the status of Civil Id Status is very important for every resident because if you are traveling anywhere or working somewhere then you have to look at its status very carefully because if it If it has expired, you are likely to be fined in full. You have applied for it before it expires and we are telling you complete procedure to check civil id status from your mobile.

Visit Kuwait government official website
Search inquiring about civil id status
Enter you civil id number and click on search
Your Civil ID Status will be displayed